Technical support and maintenance of mobile applications

After the publication of a mobile app the work with it just starts. In the process of operation there is a need to add new features, change existing features, fix bugs and vulnerabilities. We support and develop mobile applications at any stage before or after their launch.

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Why do applications need technical support? You make an application, you bring it to market, why do you need to support it? Actually, that's what it's for:

01. New devices

New devices are constantly appearing on the market, and older versions of applications may not work correctly on them

02. OS Update

iOS and Android versions are periodically updated, so you need to ensure that your apps are compatible

03. New features

Users ask to add new features to the app or change and improve how they work

04. Competition

Application owners want continuous improvement and product development to succeed in the marketplace

05. New technologies

The emergence of new technologies (fingerprint scanning, Face ID, etc.) requires the release of app updates, as users want to see new features in mobile products

06. Security

Information security is important, the number of crimes related to theft of personal and financial information of users is growing, so promptly fixing vulnerabilities will avoid security problems

Types of work

Technical app support

Supporting applications on new versions of operating systems and devices. Fixing bugs in the application.

Development of a mobile app

Extension of the current functionality, as well as the development of a new one, and the formation of the backlog. Publishing updates in the App Store and Google Play.

Evaluating the effectiveness of

UX audit, hypothesis generation and testing, optimization of user scenarios. Work on improving Retention, DAU, MAU.

Advantages of working with us

24/7 monitoring

Emergency recovery without weekends and holidays.

Reliability and security

Works are performed on test servers while maintaining the performance of the main version.

Personal manager

The project manager will supervise the terms and quality of work, and answer
questions that arise.

Response time up to 1 hour

Guaranteed response time on request to the technical support department
Up to 1 hour in 24/7 mode.

Smooth operation and development of your mobile app


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Maintenance of mobile applications

As part of our support, we ensure uninterrupted operation of the application, find and fix bugs, issue releases, work with feedback from users. In addition, we perform technical work for monitoring server performance, backups, free disk space, support for iOS and Android operating system updates, and so on.

Support ensures uninterrupted operation of the application, and thus takes care of your employees and customers. We fix bugs in the application, and you can be sure that all business processes work as they should.

Mobile app development

We help customers plan product changes to achieve business-defined KPIs, based on analytics and user feedback. This allows their applications to remain fast, reliable, useful and functional, and therefore competitive.

Work on applications should be done in a continuous improvement format in short iterations (no more than a month for updates) and with well-established feedback from users and the business.

At the core of quality/value management of an application, we collect and analyze metrics for each stage of the conversion funnel.
As part of this process, we conduct the following activities

Setting up systems
of tracking and analytics


Obtaining and analyzing
competitor information


Building hypotheses
and plan a change backlog


Implementing change
and analyze the results


Scaling up success and repeat
the development cycle


We repeat the cycle of testing
of hypotheses by HADI


Make a development plan

The development plan for an application is called a road map. This plan is usually made for one year. Ideally, if the customer already has an understanding of how the application will develop. If you don't, that's okay, we'll help you figure it out.

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Refine the application
and give you recommendations

If you need to update your mobile app for any reason, we can help you. We will not only tweak the application but also give you recommendations on further development of the project.

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We strive for a long-term relationship, with immersion in the world of the client's business. This is our way to find accurate, beautiful and timely solutions


Web service and admin panel for a sports betting company.


An electronic diary for students. We developed the native iOS application code and design from Apple guides.


Event timing, networking, and communicating with conference speakers directly from your smartphone. Our team created the backend for Android applications and admin panel.


An application for creating and tracking an individual’s nutrition profile with healthy recipes from a well-known blogger.

Customer reviews

Grigoriy Malahov

Project Manager of Contro2Go

Together with Winfox we created an app to help Russian beekeepers. Our successes were noted by the Minister of Agriculture of Altai Krai. So we will continue to develop the service with the support of Winfox.


Juriy El

Founder of Imscored

The developers of Winfox had an enormous task, since the project existed only as an idea. Together with the guys, we were able to transform the idea into a finished product and bring it to market.

Alena Zaharko

Founder of «Autonalog»

The guys thoroughly understand the accounting nuances and packed complex functions into a simple and easy to understand interface. Even those who understand nothing about accounting can use the application


Adel Sergeenkova

Founder of Prana

It is very comfortable to work with Winfox. We have conducted an agreement, made a very detailed ToR, and I got my product on time. It’s a great thing that company pay special attention to testing processes, all bugs and mistakes were corrected before release in stores.


Sergey Miroshnichenko

Project Manager of 7Lines

We brought Winfox in as a subcontractor: we had to make the application on a burning deadline. The Winfox’s staff worked smoothly in the project team, so we were able to meet the deadline and show the customer a fully finished product at the end.


Svetlana Vasilyeva

CEO of White&Smile Russia

The developers have taken into account that the application will be used by young and middle-aged people — and made an easy, intuitively clear design for all. The app is suitable for all segments of the target audience.


Денис Кузнецов

Основатель «ЭлЖур»

Мы искали тех, кто сможет переписать приложение нативно под iOS: адаптирует дизайн под новые устройства, сохранив функциональность и экраны. В итоге остановились на WINFOX — понравились адекватные расценки.

Vadim Vasilyev

Founder of Eshka

We needed to add a built-in messenger to the app. Winfox came up with a solution that made it possible for users to securely send messages, and we didn’t have to incur any major costs during the launch phase of the application.

Kirill Uzlov

CEO aLine

I especially liked how the studio staff handled the difficult task of synchronizing the data. Everything works quickly and smoothly.


Viktoria Fedechkina

Project Manager Skylake

While working on the project we faced different challenges, however all this time Winfox staff was able to find optimal solutions. Staff of Winfox are really competent and they are very good at what they are doing.


Artem Verhovskii

Deputy Marketing Director of the Rublevsky factory

We needed to set up the integration of new solutions with the existing online store without modifications to the store itself. And the guys coped with this task brilliantly.


Vasiliy Vasilyev

Project Manager of “I zimoi i letom”

I liked that Winfox undertook the whole project on a turnkey basis — from preparing the TOR to writing the code. So it was initially clear to us how the work is built and what results we should expect after each stage.


Bogdan Grachev

CEO “GosSlugi”

The studio’s account director helped to establish communication with the developers. He translated from computer language into Russian, clearly explaining complicated technical processes and solutions — and we understood each other correctly. This made the work easier.


Vitaliy Danilov

Amber CRM

We made the mobile app from scratch in partnership with very competent developers. And  we tried to do it right immediately. Everything turned out on time and right way due to the coordinated work of Winfox.


Oleg Golovenko


I liked the fact that developers not only do what they are told to do, but suggest their own solutions. And at the end these solutions are better than initially planned ones.

Oleg Larin


Сompetent approach, fast decision making and detailed elaboration of our ideas allowed us to make a high quality web-service.Winfox is very competent in backend, which is very important for our company.


Marina Karpernko

JET Infosystems

Cooperation with Winfox exceeded our best expectations. We are thankful for cooperation, quick performance of tasks and friendly communication.


Mikhail Fedorenko


Winfox team did a great job. The Winfox team is remembered for its professionalism, relentless pursuit of excellence, initiative, and well-organized work. I recommend them!


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