An electronic diary for students. We developed the native iOS application code and design from Apple guides.


E-Diary is a universal & free classroom management system for schools in Moscow and other Russian regions. It allows students and their parents to follow the class schedule, get their homework, monitor child's progress and behavior, keep track of important school events and communicate with teachers.


We had a multi-platform mobile app on NativeScript for iOS and Android and needed to rewrite it natively for iOS, that is, adapt the design to new devices while maintaining the functionality and screen designs. For this task, we decided to hire web developers online and chose WINFOX - we liked their pricing.

Denis Kuznetsov, E-Diary Project Manager


We rewrote the app in native code in Swift.

Apple's Human Interface Guidelines helped us adapt the existing design quickly and competently. Now, the app has new gesture navigation using all new gestures - tap, swipe, and others.

Screen Designs


A classic school gradebook with grades, homework, and weekly schedule.


A complete progress report on all subjects including teachers' comments. Sort grades by trimester and view final grades.


Individual up-to-date schedule including class time, teacher, and classroom


Communication between parents and teachers.
Messages are divided into Sent/Received, each tagged with a timestamp.


A section with school announcements about important school events to keep parents up to date.


Authorization via GosUslugi Portal

E-Diary supports fast authorization via GosUslugi Portal of Public Services in Russian regions that enabled this feature.

Save Password

You can save your password in iCloud Keychain, so that you don't have to type it in each time you log in.

Gradebook Filters

For convenient selection by student or time period, we used an alternative solution typical for Android apps.

Data Interaction

By clicking on some items in the app, you can expand the info. We added this feature only for the main elements to keep the interface light and simple.

Convenient Messaging

Initially, we wanted to design the communication as a online chat, but changed our minds in order not to make this app section messy.

Push Notifications

Learn about new messages, student grades, important announcements and schedule changes without opening the app.


The client would provide feedback very quickly, and their comments were always on-point. This greatly contributed to successful completion of this project.

Alexander Klochko, WINFOX developer


E-Diary users throughout Russia received a free user-friendly app that works well on all iOS devices and allows to monitor student learning from anywhere, anytime. The app supports gesture navigation available on new Apple devices.

People who use this app are very conservative and do not like changes. We offered them an updated iOS app that will not require a change of user habits, but is simple and easy-to-use, and succeeded to a large extent.

Denis Kuznetsov, E-Diary Project Manager


Technical Director
Alexander Khrushchev

Project Manager
Valery Sorokin

iOS Developers
Renat Galyamov & Egor Polyakov

UX/UI Designer
Alexander Klochko

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