Development of mobile applications and web services

Development of mobile applications and web services
Increase market share, improve service, increase loyalty and sales, reduce costs by automating and optimizing business processes with mobile applications and web services

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IT Company is in top 50 mobile development and development of сomplex web-services companies in RUNET and Tagline rating since 2015

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Code energy

Development of complex mobile and web applications Data driven analytics

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Quality Control

We test code in all iterations, code is easy to hand over and easy to maintain

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Development and Promotion

We will help you with development of the project and marketing, accurate advertising and boosting the application to the top tables

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Application of development services

Contact us and we will help you at an early stage to design a business model and strategy of its phased development. An important place in our work is taken by analytics: analysis of requirements and business processes, marketing and technical audit, requirements management at all stages of the project.


We conduct competitive market analysis, use the best solutions to create first-class products.


We implement business tasks with user-friendly interfaces based on analytics.


Creating a better user experience. Drawing user-friendly and understandable interfaces that work.


We implement the application in the code. We write clean and stable code and integrate it with the customer's technologies.


We test the service on different devices and guarantee a quality product just in time.


Maintain and improve the product based on feedback. Thousands of downloads and promotion to the top tables.


We strive for a long-lasting relationship with an immersion in the world of the client's business. It's our way of finding accurate, beautiful and modern solutions


App for searching and ordering alcoholic beverages in chain stores: design and development of solutions for iOS and Android and admin panel


Mobile application for engineers of an international company: development of a cross-platform application for iOS and Android on Flutter


A tool for tracking retirement savings and payments: engineering, design, development of applications for iOS and Android.

CRM system AIBA

Internal system for the AIBA International Boxing Association: design and programming of the desktop version

Qube Club

Universal tool for cafe and restaurant management: web application, admin panel, telegram bot and check printing


Service for household waste removal and care about the environment: development of mobile applications for iOS and Android

Companies that trust us

We start each project in the studio with a careful study of the market and audience, conducting an audit of competing projects. Creating mobile applications and websites as a tool that brings measurable benefits to business. We use our unique experience and knowledge to create interesting and high-quality products. We undertake the full cycle of mobile app and website development, from interface design to server side development.

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Client Reviews

Grigoriy Malahov

Project Manager of Contro2Go

Together with Winfox we created an app to help Russian beekeepers. Our successes were noted by the Minister of Agriculture of Altai Krai. So we will continue to develop the service with the support of Winfox.


Juriy El

Founder of Imscored

The developers of Winfox had an enormous task, since the project existed only as an idea. Together with the guys, we were able to transform the idea into a finished product and bring it to market.

Alena Zaharko

Founder of «Autonalog»

The guys thoroughly understand the accounting nuances and packed complex functions into a simple and easy to understand interface. Even those who understand nothing about accounting can use the application


Adel Sergeenkova

Founder of Prana

It is very comfortable to work with Winfox. We have conducted an agreement, made a very detailed ToR, and I got my product on time. It’s a great thing that company pay special attention to testing processes, all bugs and mistakes were corrected before release in stores.


Sergey Miroshnichenko

Project Manager of 7Lines

We brought Winfox in as a subcontractor: we had to make the application on a burning deadline. The Winfox’s staff worked smoothly in the project team, so we were able to meet the deadline and show the customer a fully finished product at the end.


Svetlana Vasilyeva

CEO of White&Smile Russia

The developers have taken into account that the application will be used by young and middle-aged people — and made an easy, intuitively clear design for all. The app is suitable for all segments of the target audience.


Денис Кузнецов

Основатель «ЭлЖур»

Мы искали тех, кто сможет переписать приложение нативно под iOS: адаптирует дизайн под новые устройства, сохранив функциональность и экраны. В итоге остановились на WINFOX — понравились адекватные расценки.

Vadim Vasilyev

Founder of Eshka

We needed to add a built-in messenger to the app. Winfox came up with a solution that made it possible for users to securely send messages, and we didn’t have to incur any major costs during the launch phase of the application.

Kirill Uzlov

CEO aLine

I especially liked how the studio staff handled the difficult task of synchronizing the data. Everything works quickly and smoothly.


Viktoria Fedechkina

Project Manager Skylake

While working on the project we faced different challenges, however all this time Winfox staff was able to find optimal solutions. Staff of Winfox are really competent and they are very good at what they are doing.


Artem Verhovskii

Deputy Marketing Director of the Rublevsky factory

We needed to set up the integration of new solutions with the existing online store without modifications to the store itself. And the guys coped with this task brilliantly.


Vasiliy Vasilyev

Project Manager of “I zimoi i letom”

I liked that Winfox undertook the whole project on a turnkey basis — from preparing the TOR to writing the code. So it was initially clear to us how the work is built and what results we should expect after each stage.


Bogdan Grachev

CEO “GosSlugi”

The studio’s account director helped to establish communication with the developers. He translated from computer language into Russian, clearly explaining complicated technical processes and solutions — and we understood each other correctly. This made the work easier.


Vitaliy Danilov

Amber CRM

We made the mobile app from scratch in partnership with very competent developers. And  we tried to do it right immediately. Everything turned out on time and right way due to the coordinated work of Winfox.


Oleg Golovenko


I liked the fact that developers not only do what they are told to do, but suggest their own solutions. And at the end these solutions are better than initially planned ones.

Oleg Larin


Сompetent approach, fast decision making and detailed elaboration of our ideas allowed us to make a high quality web-service.Winfox is very competent in backend, which is very important for our company.


Marina Karpernko

JET Infosystems

Cooperation with Winfox exceeded our best expectations. We are thankful for cooperation, quick performance of tasks and friendly communication.


Mikhail Fedorenko


Winfox team did a great job. The Winfox team is remembered for its professionalism, relentless pursuit of excellence, initiative, and well-organized work. I recommend them!


How much does it cost to develop a mobile app?

This is probably the most frequent question. This is almost the same as asking "How much does a car cost?" - even within the same brand, the cost of cars can vary by an order of magnitude. However, just like for cars, there is a lower boundary at which the cost of application development begins, our price starts at 100 00 €. The cost depends on the scope and composition of the project. Usually we agree on a fixed price, and the customer is always happy with both the terms and the result.

The development price is fixed after all the requirements are collected and aggregated and a prototype is prepared as part of the requirements specification. Payment can be broken down into stages, which are tied to the release of a new version of your application. At each stage of the development process, you get a finished solution.

After successful publication, we sign the final deed of completion and move on to the support stage. At this stage, we discuss and evaluate the new functionality and make development plans. Using the metrics you've configured in the analytics system, we track the effectiveness of key scenarios for users. Conversions at different stages are summarized in a funnel. Based on the data collected, we work out solutions to improve business performance.


The cost of mobile app development

We have gathered standard elements of applications into packages, for an approximate understanding of the cost of development. To order a mobile app please contact us, we'll consult you, we'll audit the price proposals of other studios. Below are the prices for typical applications.


10 000 €

  • Catalog of goods and services
  • Place an order
  • News and Promotions
  • Feedback
  • Contacts


50 000 €

  • Loyalty Program
  • Push notifications
  • Server part
  • Control Panel
  • Chats
  • Catalog of goods and services
  • Place an order

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100 000 €

  • Business process automation
  • Complex integrations
  • Marketplaces
  • Corporate solutions
  • Smart TV, IoT, VR \ AR
  • Loyalty Program
  • Push notifications
  • Server part

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Timing of mobile app development for IOS and Android

To find out the development cost of a mobile application, you need to imagine the functionality of the application in its entirety. An initial estimate can be made based on the list of requirements, and then the estimate is refined based on the prototype and ToR. The prototype simulates all the screens of the real application, the navigation, the transitions between the screens, and the actions on the screens. On average, the programming for a mobile application takes 4 to 10 weeks. The timing and budget of the project is calculated based on the number of man-hours per block of the application. As part of the contract, we guarantee compliance with the general and staggered development deadlines and the framework of the approved budget, regardless of the actual number of man-hours spent on development.


Stages of app development


At this initial stage, it is extremely important to get a coherent and consistent description of what will be created later. We discuss and formalize the idea, propose the best ways to implement it, and together we make a list of basic requirements.



Create a map that clearly shows product features, prototypes, reflects all the application screens and the scheme of navigating through them. Depending on our needs, the prototypes can be static or interactive.



We design all the screens of the future application and draw different states for all usage scenarios. We subject all GUI elements to usability studies to make sure that the adopted design solutions are ergonomic and allow the user to solve their tasks efficiently.



The process of creating a mobile app consists of several stages, at each stage you get intermediate builds for review. In mobile development we write pure native code and do not use cross-platform solutions.



The application is submitted to you for testing and verification of compliance with the terms of reference. The app is installed on your test devices, and works exactly as if it was downloaded from Google Play or the AppStore. Any inconsistencies and problems found are corrected at this stage.



After the customer accepts the application and signs the acceptance report, the application is submitted to the Appstore or GooglePlay for publication. Each app is checked by Google or Apple before publication. Acceptance by GooglePlay takes no more than a day, acceptance by Appstore takes at least two weeks.


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