Web service and admin panel for a sports betting company.

About the Project

Stavka24 is a fun and easy bookmaker service for experienced gamblers, where users can quickly and easily place bets on sporting events, view match results, and win money. It is conveniently made to work on both computers and smartphones.

The Goal

We were approached by a bookmaker company that had several offline clubs running under a well-known franchise. The client wanted to diversify their risk by creating their own online-based brand.

Our goal was to make a web service for players that would run smoothly and reliably on desktops and mobile devices, as well as an admin panel for the business’ owner.


At the start of the project, we studied the key players in the betting market together with our customer. It became clear that the new service should offer better betting odds, as this will help generate a larger audience. To do this, we developed a bet parsing algorithm: it analyzed the betting behavior of key players from other bookmakers, displayed the average bet for all major events, and allowed Stavka24 players to bet a little more to win more.

This was our first experience in the betting business. To keep up with the topic, the developers and managers created their own accounts on the top bookmaker sites, played, and studied the types of bets and how it works.

Alexander Khrushchev, WINFOX Technical Director

At the design stage, we thought through various user scenarios for different roles and depicted them on an interactive prototype. This made it possible to understand how users will behave in advance, and how to make the service as clear and convenient as possible for the players.

Интерактивный прототип

Отрисовали дизайн для экранов с разрешением 1280, 768 и 320 точек. Так сервис получился адаптивным, он хорошо отображается как на десктопах, так на смартфонах и планшетах.

Панель администратора в букмекерском сервисе — сложное решение, у которого мало аналогов по нагруженности и скорости реакции. В системе работают пользователи с разными ролями: спортивный аналитик, риск-менеджер, маркетолог, администратор. И мы спроектировали сложную модель доступа, вдохновившись телекоммуникационными решениями.

Александр Хрущев, технический директор WINFOX

Если при работе в панели администратора возникнет непредвиденная ошибка или программный сбой, владелец бизнеса может потерять десятки и даже сотни тысяч рублей за одну минуту. Поэтому в рамках бэкенда мы предусмотрели специальные механизмы, которые реагируют на экстремальные ситуации и блокируют ставки и выплаты по определенным видам спорта, событиям, группам игроков и конкретным игрокам.

Main Screens

Home Page

The main page contains everything a player needs to know, including upcoming events, sports news, express bets, and live bets on matches that have already begun.

Express Bets

This section displays events for which bets are in effect on a number of unrelated outcomes. Events are sorted by category, and in the window on the right users can quickly place a bet.

Live Bets

All matches that have already started are collected in a separate section. By clicking on the event, the player sees the score and can watch the live broadcast of the game to find out if they won.


The pop-up window contains full statistics for each match. For convenience, the data is divided into tabs that are pinned to the top menu.

Web Service Features

Convenient Registration

To place bets, users need to register and fill out several fields. Each user role has its own registration form.

Personal Area

Having entered the personal account, the user can fill in his profile, view their bet history, add money to their balance, and withdraw money. It is convenient to navigate through these sections as they are always on the left menu screen. The amount of money in the account is highlighted graphically and is immediately noticeable.

Bet History

At the very top of the page, the bet statistics are displayed: how much the player has bet, how much he lost, and how much he won. Expanding the bet card, users can view advanced statistics.

The main challenge for us was the optimal performance of the client side. The service should simultaneously display dozens of events and hundreds of coefficients that change every second; statistics and advertising content; and should also work smoothly even on ‘weak’ devices. We changed the format of the data coming to the frontend several times and optimized its display. That way, we managed to get the required performance and keep the interface responsive.

Alexander Khrushchev, WINFOX Technical Director


Key events can be added to the Favorites tab by clicking on the star. Selected matches can be quickly viewed - the button is fixed in the left menu.

Withdraw Money

The required amount can be quickly withdrawn in any convenient way, such as to Yandex.Money, QIWI Wallet, Webmoney, bank card, or mobile phone.

Loyalty System

The interactive map shows the locations where users can obtain a loyalty card. To see nearby locations, just enter your city in the field on the right and the results will be displayed in a list and on the map.

The Results

Our customer received a competitive product that gave players the biggest advantage in the betting business - the highest betting odds.

Thanks to this, our customer did not have to invest in marketing: it was enough to show the service to well-known bookmakers, so that they test it out and tell the rest of the players.

WINFOX — партнер, с которым приятно иметь дело. Мне нравится, что ребята терпеливо и усердно работали, при этом четко соблюдая все технические требования.

Александр Матэ, Stavka24


Project Manager
Bohdan Melnik

Technical Director
Alexander Khrushchev

Alexander Khrushchev
Alexander Gribuk

UX / UI Designer
Egor Polyakov

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