Event timing, networking, and communicating with conference speakers directly from your smartphone. Our team created the backend for Android applications and admin panel.

About the Project

uConf is an application created for participants of large conferences and business forums. The app helps keep track of timing, network with other participants, send electronic business cards, discuss the speeches of speakers, and ask them questions directly.

The Goal

7RedLines is a studio that develops business solutions. One of their clients, an organizer of large-scale business events, wanted them to create a mobile application that would increase the value of the business event for participants and simplify the work of the organizers. Since the deadline was quickly approaching — there was only a month left before the event — 7RedLines brought us onboard as a subcontractor.


Before starting work, a project team was created, which included representatives from the end customer team, 7RedLines employees, and our developers. We listened to the requirements of the other parties and drew up a detailed technical task, from which we then made a backend for the Android application and the admin panel.

The backend is developed on its own engine, which supports the implementation of business logic in JS and the access control to the logic through the REST API. We also created the admin panel on a ready-made engine of our own design, so that the user can quickly manage the service.

The project was 40% assembled from templates, which meant that only slightly more than half had to be written from scratch. So we managed to do everything in the shortest possible time.

Alexander Khrushchev, WINFOX Technical Director

Main Screens

Participant Profile

Each participant fills out a profile that includes their first name, last name, position, photo, contact information, and links to their social network(s). This information can be conveniently shared with colleagues by sending electronic business cards.

Event Calendar

Interesting future events can be searched for by tags, dates, and other filters, and then saved in "Favorites,” which makes it more convenient to plan one’s schedule. It is also possible to keep a history of attended events, which are displayed in the "My Events" section.

Chat Rooms

You can communicate with other event participants and discuss speeches in separate chats.

Application Features

SMS Registration

We used the authorization service from Firebase, which has a good limit for free use and which is quite simple to integrate into the application.


This is not our first application with a built-in messenger, so we chose a proven solution: Firebase Storage API.

Creating your own backend for the messenger that’s ready to scale and load is not an easy task. Therefore, the Firebase service is an optimal solution, especially in conjunction with Cloud Messaging. Yes, two API entry points is a clear drawback, but we know what we were doing.

Alexander Khrushchev, WINFOX Technical Director

Scheduling Appointments

You can create a meeting right in the application without the need for another interface. Before the event, the user will receive a push notification reminder.

Ask Speaker a Question

Using a special button, users can quickly ask the speaker a question, clarify a point, or chat on the topic.


Business forum participants who used uConf were able to navigate the site more easily, communicate with colleagues and speakers, assimilate new information, and effectively network. Now, the organizers have a new and effective tool for collecting contacts and working with sponsors.

It was necessary to finish this project in time for the event, so we worked in short sprints: we worked parallel to each other, performed tasks without waiting for approval, and made adjustments along the way. When projects are strictly limited in time, this is the most optimal decision.

Valery Sorokin, WINFOX Project Manager

The functionality of the application can be appended and increased, and the content can be easily changed through the admin panel. Thanks to this, the service can be quickly and inexpensively adapted to other business events.

In this project, tight deadlines were our main motivator. The WINFOX developers were given maximum freedom to choose technical solutions and approaches to the implementation and distribution of tasks. This made it possible to do everything without falling into overtime, as we only spent 11 hours more than originally planned.

Alexander Khrushchev, WINFOX Technical Director


Project Manager
Valery Sorokin

Technical Director
Alexander Khrushchev

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