Mobile application for engineers of an international company: development of a cross-platform application for iOS and Android on Flutter


Japan's leading manufacturer of mining and construction equipment
Transnational Komatsu Corporation is the second largest manufacturer of construction and mining equipment in the world after Caterpillar.

It is headquartered in Tokyo, and has subsidiaries in many countries, including Russia.


A new version of the application based on the old one to help application engineers in their daily work
The customer decided to upgrade the application to provide engineers with a more modern, responsive and convenient tool for collecting data on machinery operations and calculating productivity.

The application should have a simple and clear interface so that employees can quickly generate reports on the performance of excavators, dump trucks, loaders, bulldozers and other equipment.


We localized the application for employees from different countries and configured the data export to Excel
We undertook the entire cycle of creating the application: we drew a prototype, thought over the design and wrote the code.

The customer asked us to develop an app based on the same code base for both mobile platforms - iOS and Android - using the Flutter framework.

We assembled a team of developers who not only have experience using Flutter technology, but also experience in native development for each platform. This allowed us to take into account possible differences between iOS and Android apps and ensure user experience.

Alexander Khrushchev

Technical Director of WINFOX

Since the tool will be used by engineers from different countries, the application should support Russian and English languages. The flutter_localizations library helped us localize the application.

The data about the measurement results, which are stored on the device, had to be presented in a convenient and familiar form. We chose a table in Excel, which is a universal format familiar to everyone.

There were no major difficulties during the development. However, all the logic and data processing had to be implemented inside the application itself, not on the server. We took this feature into account in the design and no problems arose.

Alexander Khrushchev

Technical Director of WINFOX

From the very beginning of our work with WINFOX, we liked the company's professional approach to the case and our needs. Everyone involved in the project clearly understood the architecture of the application and offered good solutions from their experience. We listened to most of the suggestions that were made during the design and requirements phase.


Fixed top menu
We have divided all the operations that the user performs in the application into four categories: "Working Conditions", "Metering", "Report" and "Settings".

All tabs are permanently displayed on screen in the top menu, so it's easy to switch between them in any user scenario.
Fixed top menu
All measurements on one screen
Regardless of the selected working conditions, all measurements take place on one screen.

The interface of this screen is convenient for the employee and does not allow him to make mistakes when entering data.


UX/UI designer at WINFOX

Quick Templates for Special Vehicles
Engineers measure for the same special equipment, so many parameters are repeated.

To avoid having to enter the same data every time, we connected templates. With these templates the data is filled in automatically.
Quick Templates for Special Vehicles
Easy work with reports
On the "Reports" screen, the engineer sees all the reports he has generated. Each report can be sent or deleted - there are special buttons for this.

Easy work with reports
Help for new employees
For new technicians we have the "Help" section. It contains recommendations on working with different types of special equipment: dump trucks, excavators, bulldozers and others.

By clicking on the exclamation point icon, the engineer will see explanations to help him orient himself on the job site and set the correct values when the equipment is working.


WINFOX UX/UI designer

Individual App Settings
Each user can enter the "Settings" section to customize the application. For example, you can enable vibration feedback on keystrokes or rename operations.
Individual App Settings


Maximum accuracy when calculating the productivity of special-purpose machinery
With the new application, engineers generate reports faster and avoid typical errors. As a result, the customer's company does more work per unit of time - and doesn't lose money.

The interface is clear and simple - employees of all ages quickly understand the application.


WINFOX Project Manager

Komatsu has a separate team of engineers who are responsible for optimizing the customer's machines. We developed an application specifically for this team.

The job of these engineers is to go out in the field, to the customer's site, to assess the actual operating conditions and to measure the efficiency of the machine. The app helps them do this accurately and quickly and prepare a report.

We tested the application at several enterprises in Siberia, and users highly appreciated the convenience of the application and the quality of the report files. These reports help to make recommendations to the customer on efficient use.


The customer plans to train all the engineers of the special team on how to use the application. And after that it will be possible to develop a list of language settings to share the application with other countries.
Project team
Project Manager
Technical Director
Alexander Khrushchev
UX/UI designer

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