Service for household waste removal and care about the environment: development of mobile applications for iOS and Android


The leading operator for waste removal and disposal in Moscow
EcoLine Group has been collecting, transporting, sorting and disposing of municipal waste since 2014.

More than 2 million Muscovites and 7.5 thousand organizations are among EcoLine's clients, and the company removes more than 700 thousand tons of waste annually.


To take care of ecology in a new format and to call for separate garbage collection
The company decided to update the solutions for mobile to make it more convenient for Muscovites to organize waste removal, sort waste and help recycle it.
In this case, the application interface should be convenient not only for individuals, but also for organizations - individual entrepreneurs and LLC. The updated applications should work smoothly and correctly on devices with the latest versions of the OS, support popular payment methods and the client's database.


Ordering and payment for waste removal from a smartphone, instant messaging and integration with 1C
The customer already had working mobile applications. But the previous developers had not implemented some of the functions correctly, which made interaction with users quite complicated and confusing. In addition, the application backend was not described, and we had to reverse-engineer the code to figure it out.

We changed the user journey, redesigned and rewrote the backend. As a result, the app has new features and performing familiar actions is easier.

Users can now signal problems with waste collection and sorting not only in text messages, but also with photos. Thanks to this, EcoLine processes appeals and takes action faster: the scale of the problem is immediately visible.

WINFOX Project Manager

Other features include viewing waste removal points on the map linked to the geolocation of the user, the history of applications in a private office, ordering waste removal and a wide range of online payment methods.

The main parameters of the application are configuring through the Firebase Remote Config service. This allows you to quickly change the interface, add new elements and content remotely, and changes are immediately visible to all users.

Alexander Khrushchev
Technical Director of WINFOX

In addition, we provided for integration with 1C. In the future, the customer will be able to quickly connect applications to their accounting system to control all business processes.
Sign in via social networks and ID
To register with the application, it is not necessary to enter personal data and remember a new password. You can quickly sign in via any social network such as VKontakte, Facebook or Google as well as via Apple ID and Sber ID
Sign in via social networks and ID
Requesting Garbage Removal
The app reads the geolocation of the user and automatically shows the nearest points to him.
By zooming in on the map, you can select a convenient container - and leave a request for garbage collection.
Requesting Garbage Removal
Automatic data check before payment
To pay for the order, the user must specify all the necessary data: contacts, location, type of waste, date of removal and others. If this is not done, the payment button will be inactive.

At the stage of checking the application you can see what data you need to add. We did it this way, so you can quickly go to the right category, rather than having to look through the entire application from beginning to end.

WINFOX Project Manager

Request history and order status tracking
All requests are divided into "Active" and "Completed". Selecting a quick filter at the top of the screen you can find the right one at once.

Besides, the user can sort the requests as it is convenient, for example by date.
Request history and order status tracking
Different types of requests in a single interface
In the application you can not only leave a request for garbage collection, but also to report a broken container, to complain about a late garbage truck and to offer cooperation. For this purpose, we made a screen with a selection of request topics.
Different types of requests in a single interface
Not only text, but also a photo in the application
We have added the possibility to attach a photo to the application. Just click on the button with a staple - and choose an image from the gallery.
Not only text, but also a photo in the application
All popular ways to pay online
You can pay for garbage collection services in any of the convenient ways: by card online or by Samsung Pay and Apple Pay. Available payment methods are displayed depending on the type of device.
All popular ways to pay online
An app has multiple advantages. A universal application for citizens and organizations is one. Order in garbage collection points - that's two
Organizations and private entrepreneurs can now order garbage collection directly from the mobile application. No more bureaucracy! The number of requests via mobile application has increased many times over. "EcoLine has been able to correct comments from users more quickly and maintain order at garbage collection sites.

We plan to make many more improvements and new features in the application. We have prepared the necessary base for this, so there won't be any difficulties in scaling the product.


WINFOX Project Manager

Project Team
Project Manager
Technical Director
Alexander Khrushchev
UX/UI designer


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