App for searching and ordering alcoholic beverages in chain stores:
design and development of solutions for iOS and Android and admin panel


The leading chain of alcohol stores in the Far East
The customer's brand includes more than 60 liquor stores of different price segments: a democratic liquor store, a wine boutique and an elite wine salon.

More than six thousand drinks from all over the world, as well as related products.


A tool that will retain customers and save their time
The customer came to us with a problem. People from remote cities come to chain stores to buy alcohol. Often the right amount is not in stock, so customers have to travel to other stores in the city. Because of this, potential customers go to competitors, and the customer loses money.

You need an app showing how many wine bottles are in stock
in the selected store. If fewer bottles are required, the app will offer the user a store where the whole batch can be bought. The user will then be able to place an order and come at a convenient time to pick it up.


We set up a constant data exchange between the application and 1C, dealt with SMS-authorization - and closed the buyers' troubles
We undertook the development, design and development of the applications, as well as their integration with 1C:Accounting.

The task was quite typical for us except and synchronization of the catalog with 1C.

The catalog was stored in different 1C systems, so we had to ensure data integrity in its synchronization with the main application backend. And also the catalog output was different from the standard one: the customer wanted the catalog to be displayed paged, 10 items each. We took his wish into account.

There were problems with the integration of the SMS authorization service. It surprised us that such services do not always deliver messages stably to subscribers of some operators and can refuse to provide services, requiring some compliance. But we have overcome it.

Alexander Khrushchev

WINFOX Technical Director

Automatic detection of the nearest store
The app requests access to the geo-position to allow the user to see the assortment of stores nearby.
Automatic detection of the nearest store
Choosing the right quantity directly from the catalog
To add five bottles of vermouth to the cart or change the number of bottles of cognac in the cart, you don't need to go to the product card. You can do it from the catalog page: there are "+" buttons under each item and "-".
Search by various parameters and search history
You can search for products in a variety of ways, such as by name
or by category.

We've implemented a search history: when a user starts typing in a new query, he sees what he was looking for earlier. This makes it easy to navigate and find the right product faster.


WINFOX UX/UI designer

Two prices in the product card
The user sees the regular price and the loyalty card price. Thanks to this he immediately understands how much he can save.
Two prices in the product card
Choosing a convenient time for order pickup
When placing an order the user chooses when it is convenient for him to pick up the goods. To do this it's enough to click on one of the preset options, such as "Tomorrow" or "Today" - and there's no need to enter data manually.
A tooltip on where to buy everything
When the selected store doesn't have the quantity you want, a banner and a "Where to Buy?" button pops up at the bottom of the screen.

By clicking "Where to buy?", the user sees in which stores in the network he can buy everything he needs. This saves time: there is no need to travel around several points in search of a favorite drink.


WINFOX UX/UI designer

Route to the store on the map
The user can build a route to the store directly from the app when the order is ready for pickup. For this purpose we've provided a "Pave the way" button under the order.


Shoppers search and order drinks faster, and stores increase revenue
With the app, shoppers can quickly find out where their favorite beverages are. Wasting time on trips to different retail outlets is no longer necessary.

The customer got a tool to fight the competition, which helps to retain customers and increase sales.

The application is ready, but the customer has not launched it yet. So we can talk about any measurable results later, when the application will be actively used.


WINFOX Project Manager

Project Team
Project Manager
Technical Director
Alexander Khrushchev
UX/UI designer

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