Amber CRM

Amber CRM

CRM-system for remote business management: design, development and testing of the Android application

About the project

Amber CRM is a cloud-based system for small and medium-sized businesses that allows you to set up business processes, set tasks for subordinates and establish communication with clients. The application helps employees work out of the office, and managers can control the process even while on vacation or on a business trip.


Many companies that use Amber CRM have remote employees. To make it more convenient for them to perform daily tasks and achieve the set KPIs, the customer decided to make a mobile application.

Most remote employees use Android-based devices.
We needed to develop an application for this platform that would make it easy to access the system from a smartphone and tablet.


Before we started the work, the whole team conducted a preliminary analysis of possible problems and worked out ways to solve them. And the flexible approach to development allowed us to diagnose initially erroneous and non-optimal solutions - and to correct them in time.

Rustam Mukhamedyanov, Head of WINFOX


We needed to write a CRM client that would work offline and be able to handle a sufficiently large amount of local data and media files for a mobile application. To allow the user to smoothly scroll through tasks, contacts, transactions and other lists, we had to move away from the classic object model and use caching of metadata in the form of hash tables in memory.


We came up with a solution that handles up to a million offline records for the main «Tasks» section and several hundreds of thousands of records for «Customers», «Contacts», and «Deals» sections «without brakes».

Alexander Khrushchev, WINFOX Technical Director


Work on the CRM-client was time-consuming, so we accelerated during the development of the user interface to meet deadlines.

Solving some technical tasks, we had to abandon the classic approach to application development and experiment.


Some tasks turned out to be more specific to server components than to applications. That's why we changed our development approach several times and implemented other technologies right in the middle of sprints.

Alexander Khrushchev, WINFOX Technical Director

Main screen


Users can create tasks, control their progress, and assign employees. All changes are synchronized with the server and displayed in the desktop version of the CRM system


In this section you can view deals. For each deal the following components are indicated: the client, the start date and the execution process. To quickly find the right deal, just enter its name in the search bar.


The contacts of all clients are always at your fingertips. By clicking on a phone number or email address, you can call or write the person directly from the app.

What the app can do

Tasks filtering

A convenient filter helps you quickly navigate through the flow of tasks. To see tasks that meet certain criteria, just specify status, client, or other parameters.

Deal registration

By filling out several fields, you can add a new deal. It is convenient to write important details in the «Comment» field.

Deals accompanying

You can draw up contracts, invoices, and other documents on transactions and then coordinate them directly in the app.

Adding new clients

The system stores all the necessary information about the client: his name, phone numbers, e-mail, address.


By installing a mobile app, Amber CRM clients can fully work even when there's no computer nearby. Information about clients, deals, scheduled and completed tasks is now available on Android devices as well.


Project Manager
Rustam Mukhamedyanov

Technical Director
Alexander Khrushchev

Mansur Nashayev

UX/UI designer
Yegor Polyakov

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Amber CRM

CRM-system for remote business management: design, development and testing of the Android application

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