Auto Nalog

Auto Nalog

Designing an app that helps sole proprietors and limited liability companies choose a taxation system, keep accounting, inventory and management records right from their smartphone

About the project

The reliable, intuitive AutoTax application automates accounting and helps you pay your taxes on time. With it, anyone without an accounting background can do business anytime, anywhere.


We were approached by a Moscow company that provides accounting and tax planning services. Along with its main business, the client decided to develop a startup - an app that would perform similar functions - and to go into this direction in the future.

We were to design an app for iOS, which could then be given over to development.


To make complex things simple, you have to understand them thoroughly. We immersed ourselves in studying the accounting processes - an experienced accountant from the client's side helped us with this.

Together we simplified the application and its processes, making them convenient and correct from an accounting and taxation point of view. Therefore the service meets all the accounting standards in force in Russia.

Valery Sorokin, WINFOX Project Manager

We wrote out all the entities from the subject domain and built relationships between them. From these dependencies, we obtained a map of meanings that reflects all user scenarios.

After that we described all the functions of the application and user scenarios in a detailed technical specification. From this document you can do development - the programmer will make the application the way it was originally conceived.

ЗIn 7 days we designed 143 screens and assembled an interactive prototype in the Marvel App.

In order to meet the tightest deadlines possible, we used proven solutions from Apple's guides. That is why the app looks good on different Apple devices and different versions of iOS, and it is intuitive for the user how to use it.

Alexander Klochko, WINFOX designer

Main screens

Side menu

From the side menu you can quickly go to the desired section to issue an invoice, write a waybill, check the account balance, add a new counterparty.

Tax guide

You can compare different taxation systems and quickly calculate how much you will have to give to the state. This is how first-time entrepreneurs and those who have decided to change their tax regime can optimize their costs


Invoices, universal transfer documents, bills of lading, reconciliation acts and certificates of completion can be issued directly from your smartphone - no office computer is needed anymore.


Counterparty can be found by INN or name to quickly invoice them. The list of counterparties can be easily sorted by selecting the option in the top menu.

Commodities procurement

The user can keep stock records and quickly control the movement of goods and services: manage prices, analyze costs and profits. From the drop-down list it is convenient to quickly select the units of measurement: pieces, rubles, hours.

What the app can do

Reporting with electronic digital signature

If an entrepreneur has a SIM card with a digital signature, he can send tax returns and sign other important business documents directly in the app - and be completely mobile.

Integration with banks

The main screen displays data on all accounts, even if they are in different banks. You can add multiple accounts at once and keep track of them in one app.

Integration with the tax service

The application automatically retrieves the database of legal entities from the Federal Tax Service Register. There is no need to manually enter all the details of a counterparty. All you have to do is enter a TIN, and the card fills in automatically.

The accounting calendar

All important events are marked in the calendar: filing tax returns, submitting reports to the Pension Fund, paying insurance premiums. Events can be sorted by type, filing date and other parameters.

Exporting and importing data

In the application, you can download documents on suppliers and goods in one click, and upload data in PDF, Excel and CSV formats to send to your accountant.


The app will automatically calculate your tax and payment due and remind you when to make your payment. You will receive a push notification or a pop-up banner.


We made a prototype of a universal, simple and intuitive app for entrepreneurs who do not have deep knowledge of accounting and other types of accounting, but want to perform typical operations directly from their smartphone.

Instead of several apps, a business owner can now use one, which saves a lot of time.


Project Manager
Valery Sorokin

Alexander Klochko

Other works


Event timing, networking, and communication with conference speakers. We developed the admin panel and backend for the Android app.


An application for creating and tracking an individual’s nutrition profile with healthy recipes from a well-known blogger.

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