Service to build a personal rating and evaluation of acquaintances: web service and turnkey apps for iOS and Android
About the project
The apps and web service allow U.S. and Canadian residents to anonymously rate each other, forming a so-called social rating, and to understand how relatives, friends and colleagues really feel about them.

The social rating system does not involve direct communication between users. Its purpose is a comprehensive assessment of a person by those who know him well. In the application it is possible to evaluate both personal and professional qualities.

Yuri El

Founder of the IMscored platform

With IMscored you can assess yourself, objectively determine your strengths and weaknesses, monitor your personal growth, rate new acquaintances and watch how your family and friends' ratings change. For example, before the meeting with a new business partner you can check his rating in IMscored and understand what kind of person he is and how to make a dialog with him.
First we thought through the logic of the app: we wrote out the roles of users and scenarios of people's behavior in the app, taking everything into account. Then we drew prototypes of the screens, made the design, and wrote the code.

The client wanted to focus on mobile applications for iOS and Android, because mobile is now more popular. But for users who were used to using a desktop, we made a web version.

The developers of WINFOX had a huge task, because the project existed only as an idea. Together with the guys we managed to transform the idea into a finished product.

Yury El

Founder of the IMscored platform

We decided to use Google services, in particular Online Database. The right design approach was very important here: if you don't take into account the peculiarities of the web version and applications from the beginning, when you change the data structure, you may encounter serious problems

We chose Firebase Realtime Database, as we wanted to provide the highest performance solutions.

Alexander Khrushchev

Technical Director of WINFOX

The second difficult stage in the work was the integration with LinkedIn. Since we are in Russia and access to this service is blocked in our country, we had to use crutches every time to accomplish a seemingly simple task

After Microsoft bought LinkedIn, all APIs changed and access to some data became restricted. In IMscored we needed to allow the user to link his LinkedIn profile to his account. But there are no official tools to get this profile today. We found a solution. To get a user's LinkedIn profile, we suggest that the person logs in to LinkedIn, and then we parse the LinkedIn page itself to see if there is a link to that profile.

Alexander Khrushchev

Technical Director, WINFOX

Main application screens
Home Screen
The main element of the main screen is the self-assessment button. By clicking on it, the user can add personal characteristics, on the basis of which his rating is formed.
Home Screen
You can find the desired contact by voice - the voice search icon is located in the search bar. If a contact has a LinkedIn profile, a special icon on their avatar will indicate that they have one.
Main characteristics
The user can rate himself on many parameters: appearance, intelligence, charm, kindness, socialization. The more complete a person tells about himself, the higher his rating in the app will be.

The free version of the application has 14 characteristics for evaluation, while the PRO-account has 26. To allow the user to more accurately and correctly evaluate one or another characteristic, we made a separate section in the tab bar with a list of all the characteristics. By clicking on any of them you can read in details what it means.


WINFOX UX/UI designer

We strived to make the title screen of the profile concise and informative, so that everything is clear and convenient for the person. At the top there is a small photo of the user, under which his rating at the moment is indicated, and at the bottom there are buttons for the most important settings.

With a PRO account, the user has more options. And also subscription is the main model of monetization of the application, so about the transition to an advanced account user banner profile button.


UX/UI designer at WINFOX

This section contains the most important information for the user. In one click he can get answers to frequently asked questions, contact support, read the terms of use of the application.

By clicking on the bell at the top of the screen, you can quickly set up push notifications about important events and news.
What the app can do
Registration by phone number
We've set up a quick registration by phone number so that the user doesn't have to think up, enter and remember complex logins and passwords.

To register and sign in to the application, the user is sent an SMS message with a confirmation code. The cost of sending such sms is quite high, so the rest of the notifications are implemented in push notifications within the application. This is cheaper for the service owner and more familiar to users.

Rustam Mukhamedyanov

Head of WINFOX

Accessing the phonebook
The user can see which friends are already using the application. To do this, after registering, you must allow the application to access the contacts in your phone.

If the user does not access the contacts, he will not be able to use all the functions of the application. He is reminded of the limited access by a permanent banner on the screen.

Alexander Khrushchev

WINFOX Technical Director

After registering in the application, the user sees several welcome storiуs. They talk about the main features of IMscored.

The in-app stories tool can be used in many ways. For example, stories allow you to make interesting and varied advertising: from attractive illustrations and photos to gifs, animations, and video clips. Market leaders are already actively using storis, so we have recently launched such a service and offer this module to customers.

Rustam Mukhamedyanov

Head of WINFOX

Creating a social scoring
Once a month the user can change the characteristics of his profile and ask other people in his contact list to rate him. The rating is automatically updated based on this data.
Evaluation of friends and acquaintances
In the list of contacts the user can see and evaluate acquaintances who already use the application.

Most people in America have multiple mobile numbers. That's why we've made the app display different numbers for the same user, just like popular messengers like Vyber. For example, if a person has two numbers, they will appear twice in the contact list.

Yuri El

Founder of the IMscored platform

Anonymity of ratings
The user does not see who gave him a grade, and what kind of grade he gave. Thanks to this, people are motivated to speak honestly and objectively about others - the application shows the real picture.
Rating History
You can see the rating of all users you've rated before. By swiping to the left, you can hide people you're no longer interested in following.
Creating user groups
Users can create different groups and add family members, friends, and colleagues to them. This makes it easier to keep track of your ranking within your work team or family.
Linking your LinkedIn profile
To allow other users to learn more about a person, he can connect his LinkedIn profile in the app. All you have to do is enable the option once in the account settings.
We did the first release to make sure that all the elements of the system work with each other and do not conflict. And now we are recruiting users. So far we have set ourselves a goal of a million people.

After that we plan to start talking to big companies about integrating IMscored into their services.

Our potential partners are Facebook and Match Group. The latter owns online dating services, including Tinder.

Yuri El

Founder of the IMscored platform

IMscored was originally conceived as an entertainment project. But now we do not exclude that in the future it can be transformed into an international platform, connecting other types of ratings, such as credit and financial.
Project Team
Project Manager
Valery Sorokin
Technical Director
Alexander Khrushchev
UX/UI designer

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