Mobile applications, web service and admin panel for a network of co-working spaces: design, engineering, development, support

About the project

Service allows administrators of co-working spaces and partners of OfficeCube to manage residents and spaces, set prices, set up a loyalty system, generate reports. Those who are looking for a workplace or meeting room can book a space and pay for it online on the site or in the app.


The OfficeCube international partner network of co-working spaces offers to rent a workplace, a meeting room or a separate office in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other major cities of the world.

We needed to develop a single solution that would allow mobile employees and freelancers to book workspaces from anywhere in the world, and co-working room owners to manage the space and sell related services.


We made an admin panel for room owners, and apps for iOS and Android and a web version for residents.

Since our client is a high-tech startup, we had very little time to develop and launch the service. We already had our own online booking engine. We adapted it to the customer's needs and connected it to all the necessary services: the access control and management system, the Wi-Fi hotspot, the print server.

Our engine allows us to add new modules and change business processes with the help of business scripts written in JavaScript. That's why we connected the subscription module, the office space management module, the API module for mobile applications without any problems.

We have automated business center processes and made a personal office for OfficeCube partners. In this office they can manage office space and make mutual payments online.

Alexander Khrushchev, WINFOX technical director

After project launch we had many times to change business scenarios on the fly and even implement non-standard workflow for one-time promotion. We did all this without interrupting service and financial losses for the client, since our product allows you to make any changes without reloading components.

Our developers made changes on a production-like environment synchronized with the production instance. Then we tested them and prepared sets of scripts for support staff, who updated scripts during nighttime maintenance. And we rolled out urgent updates during those hours when the load on the service was at its highest.

Alexander Khrushchev, WINFOX Technical Director

Administrator panel

Facility management

Administrators of co-working spaces and OfficeCube partners can manage jobs at different sites, as well as upload data in a convenient format.

Content update

You can set and change the rental price of offices and workstations, edit site descriptions, and update information on web pages in the booking module, such as the promotions and news pages

Management of related services

The system allows you to add new services when booking and promote them among residents - this increases the average check. For each service, you can add a description and cost, and then select the co-working space in which it will operate.

Tariff management

The administrator can create separate rate plans for different areas, set the price and number of seats, offer discounts and subscriptions to their residents through the loyalty system. Automatic search by records helps you quickly find the right rate.

Report formation

You can get reports on the receipt of funds and occupancy of funds of space, slices by types of facilities and sales of services, as well as unload the data in CSV and XLS formats.

Access Management

The system allows you to set different levels of access for users, register individuals, identify residents and keep track of time for the correct billing. There is a separate module for security personnel.

Web service applications

Quick Login

To log in to the application, just enter your username and password once and enable the "Remember" option. After that you will automatically use the service under your account.

Personal Cabinet

In personal account, a resident can view active bookings and order history. The most important information, such as the total number of bookings and money spent, is clearly presented on separate bars with large numbers.

Facility Search

Convenient filters by room type, co-working room location, related services, date and time allow you to quickly find the right option.

Space Reservations

For users who already know where and when they will be working, there is a "Booking" section. Here you just need to select the name of the co-working space, the type of workplace and the number of people, specify the desired date and time - and click "Book".

Subscription selection

In this section it is convenient to manage subscriptions: view the current one, choose a new one. For each season ticket there is a price on the reservation button - the user immediately understands how much it costs.

Account replenishment

Residents pay for bookings from a personal account in the system. It can be replenished in any convenient way: by bank card, via Yandex.Money or QIWI Wallet.

Map of co-working spaces

When you look at the map, it is immediately clear in which countries and cities there are OfficeCube co-working spaces. By clicking on the icon you will go to the page of the co-working room with a detailed description and you can book a workplace.


OfficeCube entered the market on planned date and work has started. Using the admin panel it is convenient to manage the office stock - every employee can do it, no special knowledge is needed.

By installing a mobile app, residents book workplaces in different co-working spaces from anywhere in the world.

We didn't quite rightly estimate the labor intensity and scale of the project, so we didn't meet the deadline. But we completed the entire scope of work agreed with the customer at the start. In this case, the cost of the project for him has not increased. We always fulfill our obligations, no exceptions.

Rustam Mukhamedyanov, Head of WINFOX


Project Manager
Rustam Mukhamedyanov

Technical Director
Alexander Khrushchev

iOS Developer
Alexander Gribuk

Android developer
Mansur Nashayev

UX/UI designer
Egor Polyakov

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