Cryptocurrency portfolio management service and cryptocurrency news aggregator. Turnkey Android application.

About the Project

Cryptogram replaces several services that a crypto investor typically uses. Now, they will be able to learn about the latest news, monitor changes in exchange rates, analyze data across various cryptocurrencies, and store their wallets and accounts all in one mobile application.

The Goal

To make the right calls, cryptocurrency owners have to use various services and information channels such as reading news on Telegram and scrolling through forums, own wallets with different currencies, regularly check prices, and manage an investment portfolio on different sites.

Our customer decided to create a solution that will collect all the necessary information in one place to make the life of a crypto-investor easier and save time.

We needed to develop an Android app from scratch, including making prototypes, designing, and writing code.

Our customer plans to develop the application: he wants to add the ability to buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrency directly from a smartphone. Therefore, we have provided for such a technical possibility.

Rustam Mukhamedyanov, Head of WINFOX


Cryptogram is a technically complex project. First, we needed to connect many different exchanges to the application. Secondly, it had to withstand a fairly large load on the backend due to client application requests, constantly refreshing cryptocurrency rates, and sending notifications. All of this made it difficult to build a precise and lightweight architecture, but we found a solution.

To integrate various cryptocurrency exchanges into the application, we used the free XChange library. Of course, it had to be slightly modified, because some exchanges did not return all of the necessary data (such as the operation time).

Alexander Khrushchev, WINFOX Technical Director

The application’s main task is to show the user different data through charts, diagrams, and widgets. We moved some of these calculations and data to the backend to reduce the time to refine features in the future.

Another problem was the limitation of the exchanges themselves, which constantly complicate the access conditions, the permissible number of requests, and so on.

This problem was partially solved by caching customer transaction data on our database.

Alexander Khrushchev, WINFOX Technical Director

Main Screens

Welcome Screens

Upon entering the application, the user sees a brief description of the service's capabilities. They can scroll through screens by swiping.


On this screen, users can quickly see the current prices of their currencies on different exchanges. To swap the tickers, just long tap on the ticker and drag it to a new place.

General Portfolio

The user can easily assess the value of their assets and their growth or decline. The portfolio is displayed in default currency or in Bitcoins.


A sound notification signals the rise (or fall) of the price of any currency, so that the user will not miss the best moment to buy or sell their cryptocurrency.

Application Features

Quick Login

Authorization via phone number is the fastest and easiest way for the user to log in, eliminating the need to remember logins and passwords.

Adding an Exchange

A crypto investor can add as many
exchanges as they want to monitor. The most popular exchanges can be selected from the list in one click.

Transaction History

The user can quickly scroll through the history of their transactions on the exchange. A separate screen displays information about buying, adding, and withdrawing currency.

Market Analysis

The dynamics of changes in cryptocurrency rates is clearly displayed on the charts, which makes it more convenient to glance at and analyze information.


The menu is hidden in the burger and is located in the upper left corner of the application on the main screens. By clicking on it, users can set the default currency and learn more about the Cryptogram project.

Customize View

The user can set the most convenient way to see tickers: either in the form of rows or tiles. The button for switching the view is in the upper left corner.

Share the App

From the sidebar, users can quickly send a link to the app to another person. Different methods are available, such as via mail, message, or social network.

The Results

With the help of Cryptogram, beginners and advanced cryptocurrency users can successfully trade on the exchange and invest in different currencies.

The Android application is only the first stage of a large-scale project. Our customer plans to make an application for iOS and launch a web service, as well as expand the functionality of the Android application.

We are planning to add a section with useful articles on the topic, thematic chats, and a crypto exchanger in the style of LocalBitcoins to the application. I am sure that the WINFOX specialists will help us improve the service quickly and efficiently.

Ilya Knysh, CEO Cryptogram


Rustam Mukhamedyanov

Technical Director
Alexander Khrushchev

Mansur Nashaev

UX / UI Designer
Anton Emelin

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