Event timing, networking, and communication with conference speakers. We developed the admin panel and backend for the Android app.


1HonestCar helps car owners seamlessly track their car expenses, offers transparent vehicle's history for buying or selling experience, and allows auto mechanics to track vehicle maintenance records for their customers.


We were contacted by a startup founder Alexey who has his own auto service shops in Moscow and wants to revolutionize the entire auto market in Russia by making it more transparent and by growing more trusting relationships between the parties. To do this, we developed a mobile app and a web service from scratch which will become an important part of this ambitious project.


We chose the mobile and designed a mobile app first rather than a desktop version which is often the case.After selecting apps from the market leaders and comparing them using various parameters, we combined their best features in our project and fixed their weaknesses while improving their UX.

Our service received a minimalist design in gray/blue that does not distract the user and helps them concentrate.

We wanted to ensure that one can do the most repetitive actions at the top level, without going deep into the menu. To do this, we located the main function buttons on the first screen.

Valery Sorokin, WINFOX Project Manager

Screen Designs

My Cars

We grouped all important vehicle information in one section: Mileage, Expense Report, Repairs, Scheduled Maintenance, Gas, etc. In the PRO version, you can add an unlimited number of vehicles to one account. This feature is convenient for families with several cars.


You can upload your car paperwork in the app:
vehicle passport, registration certificate, insurance, driver’s license, accident statements, traffic police regulations, etc.

This section can be password-protected. Then, if you lose your phone, the intruders will not gain access to this information.

Rustam Mukhamedyanov, CEO of WINFOX


Set one-time or regular reminders for a specific date or mileage. Push notifications will remind you in advance of upcoming maintenance or scheduled oil changes.

Основные экраны десктопной версии

Ad Board

Only the user who has been keeping a digital passport of their car in 1HonestCar for 1 year or longer can place an ad for car sale.
This ensures that all our ads have a confirmed vehicle's history.


Fine-tune your search settings using the following parameters:
year of manufacture, mileage, body color, engine type, etc.
Mark a checkbox to display only new or used cars.

Other Features

Service Log

Auto service workers can enter information about car maintenance/repair for their customers.
For each service type, you can add the date, cost and other parameters.

Expense Tracking

In Expense Tracking, you can generate expense reports for the selected period:
month, quarter, year or custom time period.
Reports reflect the items of expenditure and their share in total expenses.

PDF Report

Save the client's report or the entire vehicle's history on your smartphone or computer.
We added this feature to PRO version to promote purchases.

Data Backup

All app data is stored in our web service. If the user changed or lost their phone, they just need to reinstall the app and log in under their username, and the full vehicle's history will be available.

To instantly display the data in the mobile and the desktop app, we used two-way synchronization.
It was a difficult task - we had to write an algorithm for it from scratch.
Data exchange uses the https protocol which is the safest for the user.

Rustam Mukhamedyanov, CEO of WINFOX


The app received Tagline Awards 2019 Silver Award in the nomination “Best mobile/AR/VR/IoT Project: Professional Tools/Utilities". Employees and customers of the Client's auto service centers actively use 1HonestCar.
It simplifies communication, makes document management more transparent and enhances customer loyalty.


Project Manager
Valery Sorokin

Technical Director
Alexander Khrushchev

Art Director
Andrey Lysikov

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