Set up stories in your mobile app in a week.

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For whom?

Internet stores

For online stores, the storis is one of the sales channels for their product.

Financial apps

For users of financial applications, it's very important to follow all the news.

Personal accounts

It's convenient to view updates and news.

Training and Fitness

Share information about discounts and unique offers!

Why stories ?

The stories format is recognized as one of the most effective marketing tools, with more than a billion users viewing stories every day. All social networks have copied this tool into their ecosystem following Snapchat and Instagram. Now this format is available to you. Integrate the stories format into your store app, loyalty program or personal account.

Stories — takes no time. Post ready stories, all you have to do is upload them through the admin service.

Stories — is easy. Integration with your application takes no more than a week. Employee training takes 2 hours.

Set up stories in your mobile app in a week.

For 5000 ₽per month Leave an application


Get a tool with unlimited customization, add anything and everything to your storis, users will be notified of updates. Increase your reach, grow your product or retail network.

Graphic banners

Selling posts always have a purpose and motivate to action - go to the page of the advertised product, promotion, contest or survey.

Animated Stories

Animated stories attract, engage, and make you watch to the end. Start with regular gifs and stickers using the numerous story editors.


Video is the liveliest advertising format. It helps to increase user trust and loyalty, and you can use professionally edited videos as well as ordinary stories shot on your phone.


Collect themed stories into collections (highlights), share visual stories. With a well-constructed chain of slides, by the end of the collection a person has only one word in his or her head- I want it.

Surveys and countdowns

This is one of the marketing tricks that gets users to buy, because the discount will be over in just a couple of hours! You can't miss such a chance, stories is one of the best places to show it quickly and in a very interesting way.


Engage users by asking questions, conducting surveys, engaging them to rate the product, or creating a countdown for promotions. Analyze these valuable insights in your admin dashboard.


Remind your users about personal dates. Birthdays, registration days, or discount coupons, you can notify the user about all of these things with stories! It's interesting, it's engaging, and it gives the user the opportunity to learn about all the new products.

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The stories service integrates into your native Java, Swift, Object-C or Kotlin application. We customize the color, font and block size to fit your application, the stories block will look organically integrate into your app.

Upload ready stories from social networks or from numerous stories editors. Engage Influencers by uploading their stories directly from Instagram.

Administration panel

The administration is very simple, all you have to do is upload your image and apply the appropriate features to it. For example, you can choose polls or voting. The interface of the admin panel is very simple, in addition we provide you with help and tips when working with the interface.

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