Designing mobile applications

Based on business intelligence and competitor analysis we create a requirements specification and a visual prototype, pack complex functionality into a simple interface.

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We show visually and technically how your product will work and look like

Implement your ideas in a mockup

A prototype demonstrates how a future application will work and look. Making a prototype makes it faster and cheaper to make changes to the project.

Use the product before it's ready

The prototype works in any browser and on any device. Show it to partners, colleagues, and potential customers to get feedback and refine the product at the idea stage.

Reduce risk and eliminate uncertainty

Delve into the subject area and your business to calculate risks, test hypotheses, and select optimal solutions.

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Once the design is complete, we will tell you the final cost of developing the application. It won't change once we get started.

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How does the design of
an application happens

Design is one of the most important steps in creating an app. The user gets a first impression of the app based on how it looks and how easy it is to use.

  • Gathering requirements

    We determine project goals and objectives, interview all stakeholders in the customer company.

  • Analytics

    Conducting a market survey, analysis of existing solutions, study of competitors and customer behavior models.

  • Terms of Reference

    Compose a detailed description of functionality based on user scenarios (User Story) and formulate the technical requirements.

  • Prototype

    We visually pack complex processes into an application which is as simple, clear and useful as possible, optimizing user experience.

Requirements gathering

We collect data about the goals and objectives of all customer stakeholders. We interview and hypothesize for business process optimization and user interaction with the product. Our task is to identify all obstacles and user needs.

The result:
  • Interview
  • Project brief


We delve into the specifics of the project, study the nuances of business, analyze how your competitors make apps, and are inspired by the ideas of market leaders. At each stage of analysis we keep in mind the goals and objectives of the business and think about the life cycle of the app users.

What the result is:
  • Functionality and design references

Terms of Reference

We compose the description of functionality, user scenarios (User Story) and the scenario map (Customer Journey Map). Forming technical requirements and specifications for the project. Fixing how the application should be, what it should do and how it will work.

The result:
  • API specifications
  • Functionality description, security and performance requirements
  • Project cost estimate

Visual prototype

We develop a detailed prototype as close to the real application as possible. The prototype simulates user scenarios and visually embodies the concept of the project. It is 5 times cheaper and faster to make changes at the prototype stage than at subsequent stages.

What's the result:
  • A screen map
  • Static or interactive application prototype

Reducing risks and planning your project budget

Once you receive the project documentation, you will be able to plan your development budget and pay only for what users really need.

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