Application for trading cryptocurrencies, stocks and currencies on financial markets


Platform for automated and algorithmic trading in financial markets
For over 9 years, Tradematic's clients have been making money on exchanges and crypto-exchanges by selling and buying currencies.

Creation of trading robots without programming, automation of asset management, building infrastructure for investment business - these are the key activities of the company.


An investment advisor, which helps to build a trading strategy at the stock exchange and get profit out of each invested ruble
The new application should simplify the work of the company's clients on financial markets, making currency and stock trading as fast, convenient and profitable as possible.

The client has set us a task to develop an application, which allows viewing the catalog of financial instruments, getting the personal financial news, opening and closing the deals from anywhere in the world.


Optimized the API and paid special attention to data exchange
To simplify the API in our client-server iOS app, we plugged in the Alamofire library. This allowed us to use a set of out-of-the-box solutions, such as request/response methods and authentication tools.

With URLSessionWebSocketTask we implemented data exchange using the WebSocket protocol standard. And also we connected the Firebase libraries. This allows us to exchange data in real time, which is fundamentally important for this application.
Personal Investment Analyst
When the user first logs in to the app, they are to answer a few questions. The answers allow you to personalize the data in the application for a particular player, making it easier for him to work on exchanges.
Personal Investment Analyst
Pop-up tutorials
For newcomers, the application features tooltips that familiarize users with the interface. Everyone with different experience and technical knowledge can use the app.

If you already know everything, you can skip the tips. To do this, we have added a Skip button in the upper right corner of the screen.


WINFOX Project Manager

Visualization of stock market events
Viewing the home screen, you can see how stocks are doing on different exchanges. The line chart opposite each exchange shows whether stocks have risen or fallen in value.
Visualization of stock market events
Key indicators for quick stock analysis
To help investors analyze whether to invest in stocks, what the risks are and how much they will earn, we have compiled all the relevant data in the Info section.
Key indicators for quick stock analysis
The dynamics of price changes on the stock exchange
You can see how the price of a stock has changed over different periods of time: a day, a week, a month, or a year.
The dynamics of price changes on the stock exchange

To allow the investor to view the chart in detail, we have added a "Full Screen" button. By clicking on it, the user sees the most detailed visualization. You can change the chart scale with customary gestures.


WINFOX Project Manager

The user`s balance
In the Trades tab, the user can see how much money is in his account, which stocks he has already bought and which are waiting for pending execution.
The user`s balance
Personal settings
By clicking on the gear in the bottom menu, you can edit your personal profile, set up notifications, select the time zone, see the economic calendar with important events in exchanges.
Personal settings


It has never been easier to make money in the stock market! Traders now have another tool for trading in financial markets.
It is now possible to buy and sell currencies, play on the differences in exchange rates and manage your assets directly from your smartphone. It's convenient for both beginners and professionals.
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