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The WINFOX team is made up only of people who love to grow, learn new things and making a difference. It's hard, but it's fun: while working on our products, everyone gets better and improves their professional skills.
While working on our products, each of us gets better and improves our professional skills.

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People decide

WINFOX is only comfortable for those who want to develop. Work with us requires a high pace, complex projects, and serious product requirements.

Constant growth
— is the norm.

We are against bureaucracy. Instead of doing paperwork, we prefer to make products that really work. Our studio has a horizontal management structure. This means that the one who is in charge is the one who has a good understanding of the issue and understands how to show the best results. Everyone can take responsibility and make decisions that will help achieve the common goal.

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Everyone can try something new here

For me personally, working for the company opened up a world of versatility and diversity. In each project there is an opportunity to try different directions, as well as to get support and advice from partners. Each new project motivates me to use modern approaches to development.

Alexanders Teamlead Fullstack

I like the way everything is organized.

Work processes at WINFOX are streamlined. The other guys are always ready to support and guide. This makes it very easy for newbies to work, and helps them not to worry too much while working on the project.

Артур Android Developer

I love my job because of my involvement and continuous development

The most important thing in any job is that it should bring you pleasure and develop you as a specialist. I have all this thanks to WINFOX. Day by day I get valuable experience and positive emotions from belonging to a common goal, where everyone is a leader.

Dmitry UX/UI designer

Work gives me interesting acquaintances and new experiences

With WINFOX, I have acquired a wealth of development experience, the ability to solve non-standard tasks and simulate different situations and find a way out of them in advance. And it's also great that people are valued here in the first place. After all, it's people who set the atmosphere in which each working day takes place.

Dmitriy Teamlead iOS

It all depends on the atmosphere at work

For productive work, it doesn't matter what kind of projects and customers you have. It's the approach and organization that counts. And Winfox is 110% good at it! Every single colleague is ready to help at any moment. This immediately creates a desire not to work mindlessly for the allotted hours, but to give your best.

Nikolay Teamlead Android

Remote work and multitasking

A remote job saves time: there are more opportunities to train in order to complete new tasks later. This is a plus for both the specialist and the company. In my work I have to constantly switch between projects and perform various tasks. It's very stimulating for my professional skills.

Denis Project Manager